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Online customer acquisition is no longer a process businesses simply consider for direct respond marketing or brand strategy.  It’s a necessity for both.  The online marketing funnel is critical to understand so that businesses maximize every aspect of the buying process. At Que Commerce, this is what we obsess over.

We consult with our clients, test content and website opportunities, implement search best practices and measure every aspect of the online marketing process.  This process comprises of the point in which a consumer decides he or she wants or needs a product or service to the very end in which that same customer makes their purchase.

Our digital marketing services include local searchdisplay advertisingpaid searchorganic search (SEO), and web analytics.  In order maximize one’s online marketing funnel, each of these areas should be tested and tweaked.

Any business or organization that is looking to maximize its revenue and presence must have a general marketing marketing strategy with a growing portion allocated to the organizations’s digital (online) marketing strategy. As of now, over 25% of marketing budgets around the country are allowed to web advertising. As more and more customers become internet savvy, that number will only increase. The firms that keep track with this wave of marketing will better equip themselves to compete against their rivals.

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Agency Services October 18, 2012

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Interested in starting out with us, inquire about our paid search test campaign. We offer $100 credits to run test campaigns.

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