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Amazon Global Selling Process – A Powerful Checklist

As you many know, we created a course on how to sell on Amazon globally.  Within the course, we have a more detailed process, but wanted to share the similar checklist we share with the students.  You can go to to download the checklist or visit

Amazon Global Selling Process
Module 1 – Research & Strategy
Pick Your Markets To Research
Choose between the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Japan, Spain, Italy and France to research. (Current top Amazon markets include USA, UK, Germany, and Japan.)
Choose markets that fit demand for your expansion products or new products.
Pick Your Products In Chosen Market(s)
Consider products with supported demand (review sales and best selling rank of similar competitors).
Find balance between saturated and unsaturated markets.
Think big picture and brand building.
Utilize Google Trends to detect seasonal products and poorly trending items.
Utilize Amazon FBA Calculator to check profit margins.
Conduct Keyword Research
Utilize Google Keyword Planner, Amazon, and Merchant Words for keyword ideation.
Pick top 5 – 10 keywords directly related to product.
Find balance between high converting keywords and high impression terms.
Translate Product Keywords
Utilize Google Translate to translate keywords and to further research viable products.
Important to perform research in Amazon markets utilizing both the English and said country translation keywords.
Conduct Competitor Research
Choose your top 2 to 5 competitors in your market (mainly other private label sellers).
Utilize to review history of competition (sales ranks, changes).
Review competitor listings for more related keyword ideas.
Cross Check With Private Label Passport Market & Product Checklist
Utilize the Global Amazon FBA Product Checklist to help you choose your products.
Conduct this process on a per product basis.
Pick Your Product(s)
Product(s) with respectable margins.
Product that is clearly showing demand for the product (check best selling rank per competitor per global market).
Product with potential to sell in multiple markets.
Something that can be slightly differentiated.
Product you can build a brand around and expand into other products.
Module 2 – Getting Listed On Marketplaces
Get Global Account Set Up
Ensure you have all your business registration information for North America, Europe, or Japan. All markets are relatively the same in terms of registration.
Must have separate email addresses for each unified marketplace (i.e. North America versus Europe versus Japan)
Consider getting this started early as the process can take some time (especially in Europe).
Create Blanket Product Listing
New Product – Create listing utilizing important criteria (title, UPC, sku, sales price, description, bullets, etc…).
Existing Expansion Product – Copy and paste the appropriate information from your existing country listing into new country listing.
Translate Part of Listing Into Country Language
Utilize Google Translate or
Remember to consider country spellings that are only in English (keyword in USA can be spelled differently in UK).
Pick Your Supplier or Contact Existing Supplier
Conduct your standard supplier research via Alibaba or other chosen supplier channel.
Get critical information (minimum order quantity, unit price, air express shipping price, product time, etc..)
New Product – Get samples and get pictures of those samples taken by professional photographer
Existing Product – No need for new samples.
Ship Product To Amazon (via air express)
Create your shipping labels in the Amazon backend system (send/replenish inventory)
Get shipping carton information from supplier (cartons, unit per carton, carton dimensions, weight, shipping company)
If Inventory Sent To You First – Simply give supplier your mailing address.
If Inventory Sent To Amazon – Create shipping labels via Amazon and send shipping labels to supplier that they will place on the sides of the cartons.
Module 3 – Global Promotion & Marketing
Optimize Your Listings
Utilize High end product photographer (1,000 by 1,000 px minimum)
Ensure title, bullets and copy is benefit oriented
Review competitor listings for general ideas
Ensure top 5 keywords including a couple translated terms are in the backend system of the product
Get Initial Global Reviews
Utilize Global Review Strategies In Course
Objective is to get atleast 10 – 30 in markets outside of USA
Utilize primary keywords for super url promotions and giveaways
Set Up Product Listing Ads
Utilize your prior researched keywords in both English and country language.
Start up both auto and manual Amazon PPC campaigns.
Closely monitor your sales and ACOS (average cost of sales) on a weekly basis.
Set Up Global Autoresponder
Utilize Feedback Genius or Feedback Five for your global email autoresponder.
Translate email into country language (Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Japan)
Module 4 – Monitoring & Inventory Management
Monitor Cashflows & Payments Report (Country by Country)
Create cashflow and payment reports to review the numbers.
Review profit margins again.
Inventory Global Management
Begin to review run rates
Order new product 30 days before you’re expected to run out
Track your daily run rates
Customer Service Country by Country
Check customer feedback
Get negative seller feedback removed

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