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We understand that our range of clients have limited as well as in certain cases expansive marketing budgets.  But they must ultimately husband those budgets in ways that allow them capture the most clients.  That capture includes taking into consideration the fees charged by digital marketing firms.  As a result, we have create three pricing schemes that seem to work with prospective clients.

Monthly Retainer Services:

Based on the services we provide, we can paid our services to encompass a monthly retainer.  We typically recommend a minimum of 6-month to 1-year commitment from our clients so that certain services including search engine optimization (SEO) and Local Search have time to take effect and have an impact on our clients branding and/or customer acquisition goals.  Our monthly fees start at $2,000 and are scaled up depending on size of the company, the particular needs and services needed.

Our paid search fees are are typically $500 minimum per month or 15% of the monthly budget spend.

Pricing April 7, 2013

Paid Search Test

Interested in starting out with us, inquire about our paid search test campaign. We offer $100 credits to run test campaigns.

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