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Web & ROI Analytics

This is why clients pay us. More importantly, this is where our clients reap the greatest rewards from our partnership. If you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it. And we are MANIACAL managers of data, analytics and reporting for our clients. we measure as much as we can from the brand awareness stage down to the very keyword that produce a phone or conversion for your business.  We care about two things at Que Commerce, acquiring customers for our clients and lowering our clients overall customer acquisition costs. The lower the latter and the greater the former, the bigger the Return On Investment. Below are the services we perform on ROI reporting and measurement:

  • Google Analytics & Third Party Traffic
  • Keyword Phone Call Tracking
  • Traffic Sourcing
  • Google Content Experiments
  • Content & Website Split Testing
  • Financial Analysis, Pricing & Marketing Discovery
  • Attribution Modeling

If we are effective in measuring the performance of our client’s campaign, we produce better results and our interests become further aligned. This is why analytics is the heart of our agency. It’s what wakes us up and it’s what drives our success.

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Web & ROI Analytics July 3, 2013

Paid Search Test

Interested in starting out with us, inquire about our paid search test campaign. We offer $100 credits to run test campaigns.

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