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Organic Search (SEO)

Organic Search (SEO) refers to any efforts that are required to try and get your web site into the top rankings of Google and other search engine listing results when someone searches for your “keyword phrases.”  Everyone loves successful search engine optimization, because you attract larger volumes of traffic, particularly if you are in the top three positions. In addition, unlike pay per click advertising, these eyeballs are free meaning you do not have to pay for each time a browser clicks to your website. The challenge with search engine optimization is that no one really knows how Google decides where to rank your site and when it will show up.  The good news is at Que Commerce, our focus on producing great content coupled with an effective SEO strategy is what ultimately impacts our clients’ listing results.  By educating our clients on what makes Google’s Algorithm tick, we can pull the levers that have the greatest chance to producing higher rankings and more relevant search traffic for our clients. Here are a few of the SEO services we provide:

  • Targeted Content Creation
  • Extensive Technical SEO (Site Speed Enhancements, 301 Redirects, 404 Broken Links)
  • Ongoing SEO Quick Win Enhancements
  • Link Building “Earning” Services 
    • content based
    • link reclamation
    • broken link building
    • influencer outreach
    • blog posting opportunities
    • interviews
    • smart and targeted directory submissions
    • fresh mentions
    • reverse image link building
  • Social Media Integration & Execution 
  • Keyword Research & Discovery
  • Paid Search Testing For High Value Keyword Targeting
  • On-Page SEO Services
  • Website (Shopping Experiential) Consultation

Link Building & Content Marketing

Links are truly what weighs the most in Google’s search algorithm.  With them, websites cannot showcase their authority.  The more authoritative and relevant links website attract, the stronger the chances are of ranking for those desired keyword.  Because link building is so important, we try to place emphasis on it coupled with a strong content strategy to make the link building process working smoother and more effectively.

When we devise link building campaign we begin with our standard list of link building strategies, we determine what content assets housed on the website that we can leverage, we perform our high level prospective, and then we start the outreach process.  As simple as it sounds, it requires very targeted PR campaign type interactions with people we can cultivate real relationships with who will share our brand, talk up our brand, and ultimately link to our brand.

SEO Is A Long Term Investment

Anybody that tells you they know exactly how Google’s ranking works or guarantees that you’ll get on the first page of Google through organic search is being less than truthful. Even so, there are proven techniques that you can employ to get your site into the top of the listings. We believe in being transparent about what we’re doing and why we’re doing it.  We will show you exactly what we’re doing, and why it helps to position you so that your organization owns the conversation and sustains a steady stream of leads and customers.

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Organic Search (SEO) October 7, 2012

Paid Search Test

Interested in starting out with us, inquire about our paid search test campaign. We offer $100 credits to run test campaigns.

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